Love Quote 3

“Perhaps she [Blanca] feared the grandiose love that had stood so many tests would not be able to withstand the most dreadful test of all: living together’’ (264). The House of the Spirits, Isabel Allende.

Love Quote 2

“My love, I do not love you for you or for me or for the two of us together, I do not love you because my blood tells me to love you, I love you because you are not mine, because you are from the other side, from there where you invite me to join and I cannot make the jump, because in the deepest moment of possession you are not in me, I cannot reach you, I cannot get beyond your body, your laugh, there are times when it torments me that you love me (…), I’m tormented by your love because I cannot use it as a bridge because a bridge can’t be supported by just one side” (425).

Julio Cortazar, Hopscotch

Love Quote 1

“For the uncle, love was control. Respect was obedience. For Prakash, love was letting go. Independence, self-reliance: I learned the litany by heart. But I felt suspended between worlds.”

Bharati Mukherjee, Jasmine, 76.

The world is divided between those who stay and those who leave”.

Bharati Mukherjee, Jasmine, 228